Roofing Sales Man

Selling Techniques that will Improve your Conversion Rates

Selling isn’t a magical power that only a certain type of charismatic people are able to master. It is a skill that’s based on communication between two people, one who provides a service and another who needs the service they provide. Learning to be better at communication will help you turn leads into jobs. However,…

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Mobile Marketing isn’t for Everyone

  Small businesses are being bombarded by companies offering mobile marketing programs that promise to deliver calls, customers and leads right from cell phone of prospective client. For some companies, this is true, mobile marketing can be a great marketing plan. However, the fact is, mobile marketing isn’t always the answer for all small businesses…

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The Difference Between Being Busy and Long Term Growth

  How do you recognize the difference between real sustainable business growth and just being currently busy? If you don’t recognize the difference between the two, then you might make the mistake of making a lot of investments that you didn’t need to make right now.   Just Busy Suppose you are booked for 4…

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How to Manage Your Roofing Leads

One of the most important things you can do to increase revenue for your roofing business is to implement a roofing lead management system. Hire A Canvasser will generate quality roofing leads for you, but what do you do with them after you get them? Following up on your leads is a key part of…

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Ratings from Customers

How to be as Popular as the Roofing Work You do

Your clients love your work, but when it comes to you, eh, not so much. They appreciate the quality of your work, the fair price and the fast service. However, they don’t like you or your company’s attitude. Clients who like your work but can do without your unfriendly attitude or your lack of professionalism…

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Roofing Contractor Client Communication

You Must Have Effective Contractor and Client Communication

You invest time and money in your marketing strategy, both online and off, so like anything else, it’s important to make sure you are getting the best value for your advertising dollar. From business cards to billboards, all of your marketing needs to convey two important messages to potential clients. First, We are the roofers…

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Why You Need Our Help Getting Roofing Leads

Canvassing roofing leads is difficult. However, it is a very cost effective marketing and sales tool that all roofing contractors should be implementing.¬† Canvassing for roofing leads isn’t just about increasing the number of clients you have, it’s about getting better quality and more qualified clients. It’s about working on the type of projects you…

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Person Knocking the Door

How to Generate Promising Roofing Leads

As a roofing contractor, you are aware how much money it takes to run an effective advertising campaign. You find yourself dumping money into internet marketing, but the result is your roofing leads very seldom convert into contracts and sales. Before you know it, your expenses increase and you wind up in serious debt, even…

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Why Face to Face Lead Generation Works

Old-School methods of lead generation still work! In a world increasingly filled with smart phones, advertisements, spam, and talking computers, people are beginning to realize how much they miss the “good old days.” ¬†Human contact is becoming a novelty in marketing. Ironic, because it used to be the norm. People are responding favorably to face-to-face…

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