Should You Buy Roofing Leads


Roofing is a competitive business. The best way to ensure a consistent business growth is to keep a steady stream of jobs coming in. Getting to that job before your competition depends on knowing where to look. When you buy roofing leads, you’re buying space to step away from cold-sales and focus on doing what you do best: fixing and replacing roofs.

Roofing leads help you line up work

Buying roofing leads allows you to work further in the future. You should always have the next job lined up before your current job is completed. Waiting simply isn’t an option. Roofing leads speed your acquisition process. They allow you to plan further out, so you don’t have down time between your jobs.

Your sales team works hard enough

Your sales team has a lot on their plate already. It’s hard enough to show that you’re the best of the competition on the spot. This is especially true when someone is actively looking for a roofing company. You want to put your best foot forward from the very beginning. Cold-calling takes up valuable time that could be spent on warmer leads. When you buy roofing leads, you give your sales team the material they need to work with. They can build something much better when they have the proper tools to work with. Don’t we all?

Where are you putting your energy

Drumming up business is a high-energy exercise. It takes a lot of oversight and focus to ensure that your message is reaching the people you need it to find. You don’t need to buy roofing leads to have a business. However, once you start a business you must conserve your energy, even while you push for growth. You could spend time and money on new tools or more workers, and grow your business. Or you could spend that same money on advertising. While advertising may bring in a few new clients, it can’t generate the same number of warm leads as simply buying them would.

Buying roofing leads is a win-win

Buying roofing leads allows you to invest more money directly into your business. You can focus on hiring the best workers and getting the equipment you need to do a high quality job. Your sales team can spend their time pursuing warm leads with a higher chance of success. Their energy gets spent lining up jobs, instead of on the lengthy process of parsing warm leads from cold ones. On the other hand, you can build a relationship with a reliable supplier of leads. When you buy roofing leads, you make it possible for someone else to provide a service as well. Tracing a lead from cold to a sale is a tiring business. Buying leads allows the work to be divided between two willing parties who both profit from the sale.

When you buy roofing leads, you’re making a decision about where to invest your time and energy. You can buy roofing leads and invest your time and energy in making the sale. Or, you can invest in advertising and chasing down cold leads and hoping to eventually make a sale. Your sales team works hard enough to get you the sales you have. Focus on making your team the best it can be, and leave the cold calling to someone else.