Roofing Contractor Client Communication

You Must Have Effective Contractor and Client Communication

Contractor Client Communication

You invest time and money in your marketing strategy, both online and off, so like anything else, it’s important to make sure you are getting the best value for your advertising dollar. From business cards to billboards, all of your marketing needs to convey two important messages to potential clients. First, We are the roofers you need to call when you need professional roofing service. Two, Here’s how you can contact us when you need us. It is crucial to have good contractor and client communication.

Catchy phone numbers and website names are great, as long as people know how to contact you when they need your services. Here are some great tips to ensure, not only is your message getting out, but people are able to get in touch with you when they need work done.

Put your contact info on all your marketing

It is crucial to good client and contractor communication that you have several different methods to contact your company by. At minimum, make sure you include your phone number and website address on every marketing item you have.

Give a clear and concise call to action

It is important to have a clear and concise call to action along with your contact information. For example, If you need a roofer in Denver, call 800-123-4567 today. This confirms to the client exactly what you do, your service area and how to contact you.

Phone number and contact info above the fold

The most valuable part of a website is called above the fold, this is an old newspaper phrase that means the top folded part of the paper. In this case it meaning at the top of the website page, before you have to scroll down. This area is the most visible area of the website, and where you should have your company’s most important information: Who you are, what you do and how to reach you.

When you place your phone number and contact information in the top section of your website you are making sure prospective clients can quickly find a way to contact you. It also helps with client communication.

Click to Call for people on mobile phones

With the increase in the number of people searching the web with a smartphone, adding a Click-to-Call link on your website is crucial to contractor and client communication. This allows smartphone users to call your business with a simple tap, instead of copying your number and opening the phone app of the device. Making communication as easy as possible for people is critical to converting visitors into leads.

Keep contact forms simple

Depending on the information your business requires, you may have multiple website forms for prospective clients. If you offer emergency repair, you will want to have a simple sidebar contact form available on most of your website’s pages.

This shorter form should only require the most basic information needed to get to the next portion of the repair transaction including name, phone number and email address. This will allow for a more rapid form completion when your customer needs help in a hurry.

You should also have at least one main contact page form. This longer form can gather more information, such as client address and specific client needs. Keep in mind, the longer your form is, the less likely users will complete it.

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