Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan for your Roofing Company


When marketing your roofing business it’s important to try to develop the same mindset that your customers have.

It helps to ask yourself, if I needed to get my roof repaired or replaced, where would I look to find the best roofing contractor?


Repairing or replacing your roof is a big decision, and usually most people only make a couple of major decisions a year. People usually try to avoid making major decisions because they are intimidating. If they make the wrong choice, it could be a very costly mistake.


You need to ask yourself would you search for a roofing contractor in the Yellow Pages, ask a friend or do an online search? It makes sense to combine several different advertising techniques into one strategic marketing plan. Doing this will be a lot more effective than a hit and miss approach, which will wind up costing a lot more in the end.


Here are some marketing options to apply your advertising dollars to:


Yellow Pages are still effective

Both the print and online versions of the Yellow Pages are still a great way to promote your roofing business. Experts show that 72% of adults still use the Yellow Pages to find contractors.


However, budget yourself to avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket. As stated before it is smarter to spread your marketing dollars over several different options, to find out which option works the best for you, and to also to cover a wider area, rather than just relying on one marketing option to spend your whole budget on.

Signs on your Vehicles and Job Sites

This is an important and affordable part of a strategic marketing plan that will also help build your brand. It’s best to use a clean, bold design that people will associate with your company whenever they see it.


Include your phone number and website in an easy to read format. Be consistent, when you decide on a design and layout, use it for all of your vehicles and any other signage.

Door-to-Door Lead Generation

There is no marketing tool more powerful for roofing contractors than Door to Door lead generation.


The professionally trained lead generation experts at Hire A Canvasser will connect directly with homeowners who need emergency roof repair, caused by recent storm damage, to give roofing contractors a premium quality lead.

Our canvassing experts are your Boots on the Ground, representing your roofing business in a helpful and professional manner, but most of all, in Real Time.


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