Door to Door Roofing Canvassers Needed


Homeowners Solutions is always in search of bright, enthusiastic and energetic people who are ready for a rewarding career that enables them to be in control of their own time, without a boss to watch over them, or to be stuck inside all day at a boring and limited career.


We are the leader in roofing lead generation, specializing in connecting homeowners with roofing contractors, especially after a storm has hit an area, causing significant damage to the roofs of the buildings left in its wake.


A main service we provide homeowners, is education. We explain how their homeowner’s insurance works, what type of repairs they may need, and we help them understand what to look for in a roofing contractor.


At Homeowners Solutions, we are always in search of energetic people to join our team and grow with us. Our business requires skilled canvassers on the streets, going Door to Door, to connect with homeowners. This is a unique and rewarding opportunity for the right person.

The benefits to joining our team include:


  • Get paid nightly
  • Help people get the quality emergency roof repairs they deserve
  • Help communities rebuild after a damaging storm
  • Get outdoors and talk with people!


What do our canvasser do?


Our canvassers are responsible for lead generation. Our canvassing teams operate in real time, turning the homeowners they contact into roofing leads for our professional roofing contractors. The Homeowners Solutions team of efficient canvassers make each important connection happen. This personal connection is the core of our Door to Door lead generation and the heart of our personal service.


We arm our canvassers with training and education about homeowner’s insurance, the roofing repair or replacement process, and how to effectively and efficiently answer all of the homeowners questions. We prepare you with everything you need to be a professional roofing lead generator, before you knock on your first door. This allows you to ensure your own success.


We screen all of the roofing contractors we work with, so you are ensured that you will be promoting contractors that are reputable and focused on meeting the needs of the homeowners you are contacting. These are not the shady contractors you read about, we only work with reputable, local contractors who are interested in serving their communities.


Requirements to being a successful canvasser

  • Optimistic outlook
  • Excellent people skills
  • Ability to interpret and respond to nonverbal cues
  • Passion for helping others
  • Availability to travel within 48 hours after a storm hits
  • Outgoing personality
  • Driven to meet goals
  • Enjoy working outdoors
  • Enjoy working on your feet

At Homeowners Solutions our goal is to help homeowners get the desperately needed help they deserve after a storm has caused significant damage to their homes. We need people like you to connect our professional roofing contractors with these homeowners.

Email your resume and cover letter immediately if you are ready to join our team!

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