Gain More Roofing Referrals by Building a Professional Image



Chances are real good there are several professional roofing businesses in your area. This is why referrals are extremely important to your roofing business.


So how do you ensure your company stands out among the competition? By presenting a professional image whenever you are on a job. Here is a guide that will help you build a more professional image and gain more referrals.


Roofing contractor surveys have found that 36% of homeowners shopping for a roof replacement called three contractors for estimates, while 17% called four or five. That means there is a lot of competition for each job, so you need to stand out.


Establishing a great professional image will earn rave reviews from homeowners and increase the amount of referrals you receive, making this the most effective form of marketing.


How to make a fantastic first impression


First impressions are extremely important. As the saying goes, You never get a second chance to make a first impression. From the start, commit to conveying a professional image by asking questions to help you determine what your clients needs are, showing respect for the homeowner and their property and always being prepared for the initial meeting with the homeowner.


Implement a material handling and cleanup process


Roof installation creates a lot of debri on the client’s property. One of the best ways to leave a professional impression is to make sure the worksites is as clean and organized as possible, this should be done even while the work is in progress.


Take care of on-site problems quickly and courteously


Regardless of the source of a problem, whether it’s a client’s unreasonable expectations or a crew member having a bad day, “site problems happen to every roofing contractor. Nothing frustrates a client more than being told that’s not my job.


Empower your foreman or project manager with the ability to handle job site problems quickly and courteously. Create a process for the fast resolution of problems that go beyond the scope of the project manager’s decision-making abilities.


Making a company wide priority to provide customer focused service


Every interaction between your company and the homeowner creates an impression and it’s mainly up to your employees to set the tone for this interaction. It only takes one negative interaction between one of your crew members and the homeowner to create a negative client relationship.

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Make it a top priority to reinforce your company’s professional image by ensuring all of your employees understand that excellent customer service is a top priority because it just makes good sense and is good for business.


Higher and keep the best employees


Your employees are the absolute best sales tool you have. You can build and maintain a powerful professional image by hiring and retaining employees who understand your business success relies on satisfied customers. An important thing to remember is you can always train a crew member to improve their skills, however, a customer focused attitude is much harder to develop.

Implement these simple, common sense suggestions and watch the referrals come rolling in.