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How to Generate Promising Roofing Leads

As a roofing contractor, you are aware how much money it takes to run an effective advertising campaign. You find yourself dumping money into internet marketing, but the result is your roofing leads very seldom convert into contracts and sales. Before you know it, your expenses increase and you wind up in serious debt, even filing for bankruptcy. Where did you go wrong?

Your business doesn’t have to end up this way. While the online world is exploding and has proven valuable in many aspects, don’t neglect the most effective method for obtaining promising roofing leads. Door-to-door sales is a tried and true practice that has proven to deliver the most valuable roofing leads – with as many as 40% converting to contracts.

Roofing leads are the most important starting point and are necessary to achieve ongoing success for any roofing contractor. No matter where you stand on business terms – your roofing company will always have depend on quality roofing leads. In an article titled Commercial Roof Lead Generation, the following statement was made:

Whether a roofing company is an established, respected enterprise or an up-and-coming roofing vendor, leads represent new opportunities to grow and scale. Their importance cannot be overstated.


Quality vs. Quantity

As our society relies more and more on computers, tablets and smartphones – online marketing is an important strategy used to generate roofing leads. Now don’t get me wrong, internet marketing has the ability to produce several roofing leads. However, you have to bear in mind that it is much easier for someone to fill out a form online with no obligation and oftentimes the majority of online sales leads never convert to contracts.

However, this shift in times is also an opportunity to create promising roofing generation leads. In today’s society there is a definite lack of human contact, which is desperately need it. When a real person comes to your door with the intent of roofing lead generation – the face-to-face experience will leave a better impression on you. How big? The techniques implemented by Hire A Canvasser┬áhave proven 40% likelihood that our generated roofing leads convert to contracts.

Cost Per Lead

By taking a look at the cost per lead from a financial standpoint, when you add up the cost for online internet marketing – it can add up fast. If you are not careful, you can quickly wind up with thousands of dollars invested into roofing leads that are nonproductive with only a small percentage of those roofing leads converting into work.

Before investing all your advertising budget into nonproductive online sales leads, look at techniques that are proven effective. Door-to-door roofing generation leads occur in real time which creates a strong reputation for your business serving your local community. The face-to-face interaction offers the most effective method to answer many of the homeowner’s questions before the roofing contractor is notified.

Timing is Everything

Door-to-door generated leads are proven to offer a higher conversion rate for contracts and sales. The face-to-face interaction creates trust and established the client relationship immediately.

Door-to-door generated leads are proven to offer a higher conversion rate for contracts and sales. The face-to-face interaction creates trust and establishes the client relationship early on.

To advertise to the general public by means of sales letters or other online marketing techniques will spread the message to the general public. However, everyone does not need their roof replaced at the same time.

On the other hand, there are circumstances that occur such as storms – especially hail storms, that many homes in one area are all affected at the same time. Some businesses will wait for calls to come in from the affected area, but this is not the best practice. By sending a representative to the site where a storm left behind roof damage, your company will gain the reputation for being there for the customers in their time of need.

Homeowners Solutions┬ácan generate roofing leads for local roofing contractors in an event of a storm. Our experienced representatives understand how the process with Homeowners insurance works, our experience and professionalism sets us apart from the typical “storm chasers”. Taking into consideration the devastation felt by Homeowners after a storm has hit their area – our experienced team will always visit the houses that require emergency roofing services first. The roofing contractors we work with will have a clear advantage in the affected area. With our valuable leads – nearly half, if not more, will convert into contracts.

Business Exposure

You have this amazing service to offer. Unfortunately, if nobody knows it exists you won’t be successful. This is why it is critically important to establish your roofing company as the go-to expert in your local community. By sending canvassers door-to-door – the local community will become familiar with your roofing company and this familiarity will generate valuable roofing sales leads.