How to Improve Your Roofing Website

You know just how important it is to have a website for your roofing business, and you made sure to set one up as soon as you could. However, it doesn’t seem to be doing much for you, and it is essentially serving as a digital sign for your company and nothing more.

Does this sound familiar? Many companies create websites with great intentions, but then they never do anything with them. The site doesn’t give them the number of customers they think it should, and they blame the web as not being effective at marketing when the blame lies in their own site. There are things you can, and should, do to make your roofing website more effective. We will be looking at several of those things in this post.

Remember Branding

You have started to build your brand already. From the moment you named your company, created a business plan, and chose your logo, you started branding. You want to make sure that your branding carries over into your website. You can express your branding in the colors of the site, along with your logo. You can also brand using your company’s story and your goals. Branding is what helps to make your company different from all the others out there, so make sure it is evident on your site.

A Simple Layout

You want your visitors to be able to navigate your website quickly and easily. They should be able to reach the home page, contact page, and other important pages from any page they happen to stumble across on your site. You want the layout to be clear and uncluttered and to focus on what you are bringing to the table for the customers.

Have Reviews and Testimonials

People are always going to be looking for testimonials and reviews before hiring a company for roofing. They want to see what other people have experienced with the roofer, as it can help to provide them with a bit more peace of mind when they are hiring. Be sure to include this in your website.

Have a Page for Photos and Videos

You should make sure you set up a page on your site dedicated to photos of the work you have done. Having before and after pictures is a great way to give customers a look at the quality of work you do. In addition, you can have videos embedded on your pages that show your work, behind the scenes with the company, and more.

You Need a Blog

A blog allows you to create and post fresh content. Not only does this provide things for your customers to read, it also provides search engines with something to index. This means your website will have a higher ranking in the search engines when you offer fresh, quality content.

Make Sure You Consider Mobile Sites

Today, many people are using their mobile devices to search the web. This is true when they are looking for a roofing contractor to hire, too. Therefore, you want to make sure your website looks good and is easy to navigate from smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop and laptop computers. If you are unsure of what your site looks like in mobile, check it now. If there are problems with the layout, talk with your web designer about getting a mobile optimized site.

It does take some work to have a quality website that attracts visitors and helps you find customers. However, that work is all worth it, as your site is likely going to be visited by everyone who eventually hires you. You want the site to be just as impressive as the work you do.