How to Make Sure You Are Receiving Excellent Online Reviews



Online reviews are extremely important to you and your business. They are proof that you and your crew do excellent work. Online reviews are what your potential customers use to make a decision on whether or not they want to choose your roofing company to do the work on their roof.


Why are favorable online reviews so important?

As I already said, your reviews help customers make a decision on who to go with when they need their roof repaired or replaced. However, like anything else online, your online reviews follow you forever and they become a permanent part of your brand’s online presence. Surveys have shown:


  • 88% of customers read online reviews for local businesses
  • 85% read up to 10 reviews at a time
  • 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

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The importance of honest and favorable customer reviews can’t be stressed enough, so how do you encourage your customers to give you positive reviews? Here are a few helpful tips on how you can make sure you’re receiving the best reviews possible.


Set up a company profile on popular review sites

Set up an account and create a profile for your business on popular review sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp and Home Advisors.


Creating an account gives your clients an official place to leave reviews and, depending on the website, an account may give you options to respond to reviews, measure visitor activity and more.


Immediately ask for a review when the work is complete

Ask your client for a review as soon as you are finished with the roofing job. When the job is complete and your customer is happy with the job well done and how nice it looks, this is the time to ask for a review. When you can still capitalize on the good feeling you’ve left your client with.


Always ask for an honest review

Customers never want to feel pressured. This is why you should never ask for a good review. Instead, try asking for a review in this way: We really value your feedback, so please take a moment to help us improve our service by sharing an honest review on our website.


Make leaving a review simple for your customers

When a homeowner has to hunt for your online profile, to leave you a review, they will be less likely to leave you one at all, no matter how you ask for it. This is why you need to make it as easy as possible to leave a review.

Provide customers with the name and address of the site and when possible, include a link to the site. The easier you make it for the customer to leave a review the more you ensure one will be left.


Thank your customers for leaving a review

Always remember to thank your customer for taking the time to leave you a review, even if it isn’t as favorable as you would like. A simple Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, it was a pleasure working with you.
If the review was less than favorable try, We are sorry to hear you weren’t completely satisfied with our service, please give us a chance to make it better for you. Then move the conversation offline to work out a solution to fix the issues the customer has.

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