Why You Need Our Help Getting Roofing Leads

Roofing Contractor

Canvassing roofing leads is difficult. However, it is a very cost effective marketing and sales tool that all roofing contractors should be implementing. 

Canvassing for roofing leads isn’t just about increasing the number of clients you have, it’s about getting better quality and more qualified clients. It’s about working on the type of projects you want to work on and taking home the profit you want for yourself, your company and your family.

Even if you are currently backlogged, effective roofing lead canvassing will allow you to consistently upgrade the quality of your leads, replacing the less profitable projects with more desirable and profitable ones.

When you are spending your time on more profitable projects, your most precious commodity, your time, will increase in value. Also, effective and consistent lead canvassing will help ensure that the demand for your services exceed the supply.

When the demand for your services and time greatly exceeds the supply, you have the luxury of being more selective. You decide whether you will or won’t accept a project, not the other way around.

As a result, good lead canvassing will allow you to take control of the selling process instead of being controlled by it. Also, it is always smart to plan your business several months out rather than just struggling to pick up jobs here and there so you can keep the lights on.

When you keep your pool of leads full, if and when the economic winds change and the demand for roofing services slacks off, your business won’t miss a beat while others scramble to adjust at the last minute.

Since 2009, the professionals at Homeowners Solutions have been assisting roofing contractors by providing them with quality roofing leads. We use an innovative, real-time approach that places your business in direct contact with the homeowner so you can make the bid, earn their trust and secure their business quickly and efficiently.

Just like you, value and integrity are the core principals of our business. We only work with roofing contractors who share our values and place the homeowner’s needs above all else.

The Homeowners Solutions team will work with your sales rep in real time. Within 15 minutes of generating a lead, your sales rep will be on the roof of that person’s home, giving them an estimate for the work they need done.

There is no better way to earn business and build your reputation in your community than by helping homeowners get the prompt repairs they need when they need them most.

In this age of faceless internet companies, people appreciate the personal and professional touch we offer them by meeting with them in person, just as you would.

Let Us Help You!

We look forward to working with you and helping you build your business and your presence in the community by providing quality, real-time and door-to-door generated roofing leads.

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