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How to be as Popular as the Roofing Work You do

How to improve your customer service skills to keep more clients and receive more quality leads.

Your clients love your work, but when it comes to you, eh, not so much. They appreciate the quality of your work, the fair price and the fast service. However, they don’t like you or your company’s attitude. Clients who like your work but can do without your unfriendly attitude or your lack of professionalism are clients who will always be on the look out for a roofing contractor to refer to others, who can deliver both, quality and service.


It’s great that you do good work. However, that is only part of what it takes to operate a successful business. Roofers who complete quality work at fair prices, but lack basic customer service skills, will find themselves always in danger of losing clients.


Good customer service isn’t always easy to achieve because you need to put on your best smile and put your clients at ease, but it must be genuine. A fake smile or actions can be picked up on and they only makes matters worse if discovered.


Since excellent customer service is very important, but also not always easy to provide, we have listed some tips that will help you improve your people skills.


Start each job with a pleasant greeting

It is important to greet each client properly. Start and end each job and client interaction with proper eye contact, a smile and a thank you, using the client’s name. Your clients should be remembering you for all the right reasons. Doing good work but having a negative attitude means that you might not be considered for the next call, or worse, they won’t send their friends and neighbors to you for work.


Consider your surroundings

Your surroundings should dictate your attitude. You should always consider your vocabulary and how you interact with your employees when clients are around, especially children. The same goes for when you are talking to clients on the phone. It is an excellent idea to start practicing restraint when it comes to your language. Everyone slips, however, it just isn’t acceptable to slip in the wrong company.

Another time you should consider your surroundings when talking, is when you are working with other contractors on a job site. You never know when something you say to one of your employees, or anyone else, will wind up getting back a client or your client’s customer. You need to consider the fact that you are an extension of your client, so you don’t want to make them look bad, you won’t be asked back.


Your employees and all communications represent you

Every uniformed employee, business email and phone conversation represent your company. Excellent business relationships can be easily ruined by one negative experience. This is why it’s crucial that you and your employees understand that every word and action has a meaning that your client will remember.

Whether it’s leaving a work site without cleaning up after yourself or bad communication, clients may interpret your actions as unprofessional. On the other hand, a follow up phone call to see if the homeowner was happy with the job demonstrates great customer care.


What if you just aren’t a “people person”

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been on the job for decades, you might just not be “people person”. This doesn’t come easy to a lot of people, but same as any other skill you had to learn for your job, customer service is a skill that requires practice. Over time, the skill gets better with experience. However, never fake it until you become experienced at it. The more you practice your customer service skills, the more natural they will become.


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