The Most Powerful Marketing Tool for Roofing Contractors


There is no marketing tool more powerful for roofing contractors than Door to Door lead generation.


The professionally trained lead generation experts at Hire A Canvasser will connect directly with homeowners who need emergency roof repair, caused by recent storm damage, to give roofing contractors a premium quality lead.


Our canvassing experts are your Boots on the Ground, representing your roofing business in a helpful and professional manner, but most of all, in Real Time.


Homeowners Solutions Real Time service means that we coordinate with you or your sales rep immediately after we get you a quality lead. Within 15 minutes of receiving a lead, your sales rep will be on the homeowner’s roof assessing the damage.


Our knowledgeable team of canvassers will educate the homeowners about homeowner’s insurance, help them identify their needs and let them know they can get the emergency roof repairs they need quickly and professionally.


How Our Door to Door Lead Generation Works


  • Our team will visit the area of your choice
  • Have your sales team standing by
  • Our canvassers go Door to Door in your target area(s)
  • They engage the homeowner and offer your services after finding out what their needs are.
  • Your sales rep comes in and asses the damage, after performing a roof inspection
  • Then the rep seals the deal with the homeowner

It’s that simple!


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