Hail Storm

Protect Your Building Against Hail

When you think about protecting your building, a lot of things probably go through your mind. You might want to make sure that trees are a safe distance away in case the wind blows them over. You want to make sure that the roof is stable enough to provide you the protection that you need. The list goes on and on, but many people forget to put hail into the equation. Hail is a real possibility in virtually any type of climate, and it can often strike without warning. Because of this, you need to plan in advance by protecting your building against the devastating effects of hail.

Consider Your Type of Roof

When it comes to hail, the type of roof that you have definitely matters. If you are finding that your area seems to have quite a few hailstorms every year, and you are in the market for a new roof, you will want to consider installing one that contains material that is impact resistant. For help, contact a professional roofing company in your area and see what they have to offer in terms of this type of material. If you have a roof that contains the right mix of materials, hailstones will not be able to cause as much damage as they might otherwise be able to.

Minimizing Hail Damage

There are ways to minimize the damage that may come your way as a result of hail. Keep in mind that large hailstones can actually shatter your windows. To help prevent this from happening, close any drapes, blinds, or window shades that you have prior to the storm’s arrival. This will help keep the wind from blowing any glass that does break into your house or office complex.

If at all possible, you will also want to park any cars or trucks that you have inside the garage or underneath a carport that you have. This will keep them out of the immediate path of the hail and prevent the vehicles from suffering the brunt of the damage that might result. You will also want to secure as many pieces of outdoor furniture as possible, as they tend to be easily damaged by hail that strikes.

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Think About Insurance

No matter what level of protective measures you take to minimize possible damage from hail, it still might not be enough. Because of that, it is wise always to have adequate insurance in place so that you are financially protected in the event that major repairs are needed after a storm. You want to make sure the policy you have in effect covers hail related damage. Most will, but to varying degrees. If you live in an area of the country that is particularly prone to hail, this is especially important. If you are worried about the high premiums on your insurance policy, many companies will offer you a discount if you have a certain type of roof that uses impact resistant materials. The next time you need a new roof, make sure that you get this done and then notify your agent so that you can get the discount reflected on your premiums moving forward.

In the end, you want to make sure that any needed repairs are done right. Use only a professional and experienced restoration company that knows how to both spot and repair any hail related damage. You want this to be repaired and shored up in order to prevent future occurrences the next time a hail storm decides to reappear.