Why Roofing Lead Generation is Harder Than it Looks


roofing lead generation

Roofing lead generation is a complicated process. It involves a lot of downtime—cold calling businesses and individuals who may or may not want their roof repaired or replaced. It sucks time and resources away from completing actual roofing jobs. You put in a lot of effort in order to mostly hear “no”. Passive roof generation is harder than it looks as well. When it works, it’s great, but it doesn’t work every time. That’s why bringing in an outside contractor to generate roofing leads is a good move for a growing company.

Making sales and running down leads are different jobs

Your sales team is undoubtedly good at closing a deal. If the prospective client is warm to the idea of repairing or replacing their roof, your sales team is there to show that your company is the best for the job. They’re good at tipping the odds in favor of your company.

Cold calling and running down leads are a whole other matter. Roofing lead generation doesn’t follow the form of a straight sale. You can have the best sales team or the best cold callers, but trying to have both is a strain. You’re better off with a sales team that can line up gigs from warm leads.

You have to take time away from roofing

Roofing lead generation is harder than it looks because the consequences of failure are steep. If you don’t generate enough leads, and then turn those leads into sales, you’re going to have to spend time away from roofing. A solid cash flow depends on having jobs lined up smoothly. Focusing on roofing lead generation can slow your work process, or leave you without the next job to go to. Either scenario isn’t good for a growing business.

You have to wade through a lot of rejections

Much of the roofing lead generation process is hearing “no, thank you” over and over in different ways. Most of the time, these ways are polite enough and easy to handle. Occasionally, however, the sheer monotony and overwhelming impact of negativity can be a pain. Essentially, every “No, thank you” is a dead end that your employees have to shift for no reason. Working with warm leads gives them better odds of making an impact with every contact.

Passive lead generation works to a point

There are methods of passive lead generation that work well on a small scale. You should absolutely have forms on your website that let people submit questions with your contact information. You should be working to capture interest online, with a website, social media, and a blog. The more ways you can put yourself out there, the better the odds that leads will fall in your lap. You simply can’t count on passive lead generation to provide all your income. It’s just not reliable enough.

Outsourcing solutions: bringing in a lead generation company

Outsourcing your roofing lead generation lets you avoid the frustrations of cold calling. Instead of spending your team’s time dealing with busywork rejections and gambling a solid cash flow, you can bring in a third party. This party does all of the basic work for you. They provide you with roofing leads that you can turn your sales team loose on. It halves the work of lining up your next job and improves conditions for your team.

Passive lead generation can’t keep up with your company’s appetite for work. Bringing in a third party roofing lead generation expert lowers the amount of work that you have to put into finding work. Your team can sharpen their sales skills and you can rest easy knowing your cash flow is safe.