Why Spring is the Best Season for Canvassing for Roofing Leads


canvassing for roofing leads

Spring is the best season for canvassing for roofing leads. Getting your name out there, and collecting warm or hot leads in spring, can make or break your summer roofing season. You only have three months to do the best work of the year. When you canvass for roofing leads in spring, you can line up your jobs before summer, take advantage of the stirrings of spring, and finish your job before autumn can make things more difficult.

Line up your jobs before summer

If you start canvassing for roofing leads in the spring, you have a better chance of filling up your work schedule come summer. Canvassing for roofing leads puts warm leads into the hands of your sales team. They can find the customers who are looking for roofing repairs far enough in advance so you can book your summer jobs right away. A consistent line of jobs will help you stabilize your cash flow over the summer. No downtime between jobs means you’ll be set to make the most money possible this roofing season.

People just dealt with a bad roof all winter

Spring is the best time to canvass for roofing leads because they’ve just dealt with a winter with a bad roof. The leaks, the swelling, and the loose shingles may have been difficult or impossible to repair during the winter. Now that the weather is warming up, people are ready to get that problem fixed ASAP. You should be there, putting your name in front of them and getting their contact information–and their contract.

Spring is the time to take action

There’s something about spring that makes people want to take on big challenges. Home improvement is a hot topic every spring. There are plenty of DIY projects that get taken care of in the spring, but roofing isn’t something a homeowner can do themselves. They’re not going to want to paint their trim and decorate their gardens when there’s a big roof problem literally over their heads.

Jobs started too late might run into trouble

Spring is the best time to get started canvassing, because late autumn is too late to be finishing your jobs. Most roofers like finishing work by the time the weather turns cold and nasty. If you don’t have your jobs lined up in advance, you might be pushed into working far later than is good for your project. Making an extra effort at the start of your busy season is the best way to turn the whole season into a success.

Spring has sprung! It’s not too late to start canvassing for leads. You can arrange your work for the whole season with enough warm leads at your disposal. Take the spring cleaning mentality in stride, and put your company’s information in front of the eyes of people looking for roofers. Jobs you arrange early won’t run over time and run afoul of the weather. The less downtime you have, the better your profits at the end of the summer. Canvassing for roofing leads can make or break your summer.