Top 10 Best Business Practices for Roofing Contractors

Top 10 Best Business Practices for Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors are always looking for new ways to improve and grow their business. However, the best business practices are usually the good old fashioned business practices.

Hire A Canvasser suggests that every contractor take an honest look at their business to see if they are sticking to these 10 tried and true successful business practices.


Personally Answer the Phone in a Professional Manner


Nothing comforts a customer, especially in this age of growing technology and automation, more than hearing a real person answer the phone. If you are usually out of the office, which is true for most roofers, consider having your calls forwarded to your cell phone or investing in an answering service.


Return Calls within One Business Day


Most customers will assume if their call isn’t returned promptly, the contractor isn’t interested in their business.


Also, most people assume that a lack of responsiveness during the courting stage gives them an idea of what they can expect if they were to hire you. A promptly returned call sets the tone and expectation of your performance. When you return a call quickly, customers will assume that you want their business and that you operate professionally and efficiently.


Send Invoices Quickly


Your customers should have a clear understanding of what they are going to be charged for any job from the beginning.


Always supply them with a written estimate, either for the project’s total cost or for estimated hours and the price per hour. If the customer is paying for materials separately, those receipts should be saved, and copies should be provided to the client if requested.


Providing a quick turnaround for your invoices allows you to not only set the tone for your business as an efficient one, but you also establish an expectation that your bill will be paid on time.

Ask for Referrals


One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to grow and promote your business is to receive referrals. It is also a clear measure of your customer satisfaction rate.


One way to establish a referral program is to simply provide your existing clients with low-cost promotional materials, such as a magnet, pen, calendar or other small promotional gift.


If a neighbor sees your magnet on the fridge they may be prompted to ask about your services. Giving your customers a simple business card will also do the trick. However, a more involved referral program would be to offer your clients something of value for new business.

For example, you can give existing customers a percentage off the next job, a gift card or cash for bringing new customers to you.


Make Sure You are Online


A Yellow Pages ad is no longer enough to make your business stand apart from the competition.


Internet World Statistics reports that in the last five years, more than 250 million people in North America use the internet. Today, promoting your business online is no longer an option, it is a must. A company website is the bare minimum.


Go the Extra Mile


When you go the extra mile for customers, it’s unexpected and, therefore memorable. Your customers will tell others about the added service you provided, which will identify you as a contractor who cares. Who wouldn’t want that type of person provide roofing service to their home?


It doesn’t need to be costly, you can do simple things like writing a thank you note, performing a quick, low-cost fix or even making a follow up call, after the job is completed, to see if the customer is satisfied. If they are, ask them to please recommend you to their friends.


Adopt a Specialty


If you really want to stand out among your competition, provide a special or additional service to your customers. Customers should be able to get something from your roofing company they can’t get from all the other roofers in your area.


Whether it’s exceptional service, extended hours or one of a kind craftsmanship, you should find a way to make yourself unique. A relatively new way to do this is to become Eco Certified, which enables you to evaluate a home and recommend changes for the family to reduce energy and water consumption. This could provide an added benefit to your customers and your business.


Be Organized


Your business and income will suffer if your desk is a mess, your truck is a disaster and you can’t find the notes and client information. Take a good hard look at your business and think of ways you can organize everything, so you look and operate more in a more organized manner.

Network with other Roofers


Trade associations like the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), can enable you to network with other roofers, and learn new techniques, business practices and marketing methods.


Some trade associations offer educational programs, where you can keep current with the skills of the roofing industry to become more aware of legislation affecting the roofing business nationally.


Contact Hire A Canvasser for Roofing Leads


One of the most important business practices any roofing contractor can adopt to grow their business, maintain a solid customer base and a steadily increase profit margin is to contact the roofing professionals at Hire A Canvasser.

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