Why Face to Face Lead Generation Works

Old-School methods of lead generation still work!

In a world increasingly filled with smart phones, advertisements, spam, and talking computers, people are beginning to realize how much they miss the “good old days.”  Human contact is becoming a novelty in marketing. Ironic, because it used to be the norm. People are responding favorably to face-to-face contact because computers are not as fulfilling as human interaction.

When companies need to provide a service in a timely manner, such as roofing contractors offering emergency roof repairs after a storm, the most efficient way to market services is to engage the customer face to face.


Psychology at the Doorstep

When a prospect answers the door, he or she must decide whether to listen to the stranger or slam the door shut. Most people decide to listen at least for a few moments. The prospect subconsciously thinks,  “If something is important enough to get a stranger to knock on my door, it must be worth paying attention!”

The first minute is the make-it-or-break-it opportunity for the canvasser to lay out the pitch. As the prospect listens, he or she judges the canvasser based on sincerity, personal presentation, and whether this stranger is here to help or looking to take advantage of the situation. More often than not, the prospect cuts off the canvasser and ends the pitch prematurely.

However, when the prospect allows the canvasser to continue, it means the message is appealing and the canvasser is engaging. Both are strong indicators the prospect is interested in buying whatever the canvasser is offering. At the very least, they are open to the product/service.

When the pitch is timely and relevant, such as an offer to get a bid on emergency roof repairs after a massive hail storm, the prospect is more likely to listen and consider the message. When the roofing contractor shows up in a matter of moments, the prospect is still thinking about how important that roof repair is. The contractor is “striking while the iron is hot” and is more likely to seal the deal.


Natural Lead Refinement

Face to face lead generation works because it weeds out prospects that are not genuinely interested in the pitch. Because there is a subconscious emotional response to face to face pitches, prospects have to commit one way or another; they have to decide in that moment.

With a person peering into their eyes, they feel accountable. If he or she is truly not interested, the conversation stops. In contrast, when all the prospect has to do is fill out an online form or return an email, they feel very little accountability and are dodgy when it is time to commit.

The result is those who commit to the canvasser’s offer are superior prospects to those generated from an online form or even a telephone inquiry. When business happens face to face, it carries more weight and makes a bigger impact on the mind of the customer. Overall, fewer leads are generated, but the quality makes up for quantity many times over.